September 11 & 12, 2021 - 10 AM to 5 PM

Carmel Bouzanne

painting, acrylic

Growing up in Newfoundland gave my young mind close encounters with the natural world. The elements of wind, water and cold combined with the earthly gifts of rocks and earth offered a raw and wild beauty that have sustained me throughout my life. I took painting seriously as a teen and I have continued to do so through my life. This work is an intuitive attempt to connect my inner and outer worlds using two different approaches.

The new representational work is a direct approach to visit the visual residue in my mind of shorelines, rocks and houses of my native Newfoundland; some of these are imaginary while others are clinging to real rocks, in real time.

The acrylic abstract work is a meditation of colour shape and paint. The paintings are a journey into an unknown world, from which I work my way to find a place that speaks to me, a place that speaks to my emotional being, that satisfies a longing through a visual field. The time spent on each piece varies, takes, it seems they vary from immediate (rare) to years.



  • Red Shack - acrylic 6” x 6” by Carmel Bouzanne


Located at 192 Walton Street, Port Hope, Ontario.

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