September 9 & 10, 2023 - 10 AM to 5 PM

Carrie Freake

oil, water colour and acrylic painting

Straight out of high school and into the working force. an arborist of 8 years now. clock in and clock out. in April of 2020 the whole world changed. 3 simple weeks off work. to myself. a still moment to re-ignite my creative flame I’ve been missing since grade 12 art class. boy did that feel good. waking up to thoughts of painting and going to sleep the same way. the brush flows with rich with moments of local sinking suns and farmers fields, calm water, and dancing clouds of colour; moody shapes water drops and nude women empowerment and abstract for exploring minds. the feelings you get from these oil, watercolour or acrylic canvases are warm, fresh, homey, sexy… and more than I can explain for your own eyes to see! those 3 weeks off created another Carrie that was begging to come out for years. completely self taught and better at tree work that anything; I have boat loads of learning to do. and I can’t wait!



  • Fine Rice Evening by Carrie Freake


The Levinson Gallery
Located at 5885 7th Line Campbellcroft

From 401 exit #464 (Port Hope – Highway 28/Ontario St.). Drive North for 10K to “7th Line”. Turn left (WEST) and drive 2.5K to number “5885” on your left.

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