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Jeanette Bartosik

Posted in Jewellery


Striving for simple elegance that stands the test of time is her intention. Jeanette uses solid sterling silver, semi-precious gems and/or fresh water pearls that are all harmoniously designed with her handmade art glass beads to create one-of-a-kind jewellery designs.

The transparent hollow bead group is a reflection of celebrated ornamentation with materials that are both sustainable and recyclable. They are offered as a reflection of ethical practices in jewellery design. In addition, the importance of transparency acts as a reminder of our choices, and as a symbol of the transparent nature of love, hope, peace, joy, and wonder. It is here that these timeless concepts are brought forth to the external world of ornamentation. Stripped of excessive elements, colors and textures the design has addressed the concept of the intangible. It is with this transparent object, a simple timeless expression, which one can only hope to serve as a reminder, an inspiration, and possibly even a paradigm shift of core values.

Contact Information


Jeanette will be showing her work at Judy and Grant Parnell at:
5417 County Road 65 (also known as Elizabethville Road or Osaca Road).

From 401, exit 461 Toronto/ Welcome, turn left on Toronto Road North to County Road #2 (Dale Road), travel west on County Road #2 about 7 km to County Road 65 (also known as Elizabethville Road/Osaca Road). Turn right, north, and go about 5 km to #5417, on the east side of the road.

*Washroom Available

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