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Judy Parnell

Posted in Fabric Artists


What a marvelous process…taking fibre and creating cloth! I began many years ago with knitting, which led to spinning and making my own yarn, which ultimately has led to weaving. To take a fleece and spin it, perhaps nature dye it, weave it and wear it is truly part of the “slow cloth movement”. Cotton, wool & silk are just some of the natural fibres I use in my weaving to create everything from household linens to sumptuous wraps and scarves. Each piece meticulously finished to last a lifetime.


From Welcome, travel west on County Road #2 about 7 km to County Road 65 (also known as Elizabethville Road/Osaca Road). Turn right, north, and go 5 km to #5417, east side of the road.

Judy and Grant Parnell will be sharing their space with Jeanette Bartosik, Heike Kwok and Nancy Moore.

*Washroom Available


Phone: 905-786-2043
Payment: Cash, Visa, Mastercard