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Nancy L. Moore

Posted in Paintings


As an artist, I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to paint and draw without boundaries. My style is largely experimental with an emphasis on landscape, figure, portrait and abstract art. I never set out to replicate an image but instead strive to convey a mood or evoke an emotion using loose lines, rich textures and bold colours. I particularly love life drawing and feel that, along with portraiture, it is my biggest challenge as an artist.

Contact Information

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Nancy will be showing with Judy and Grant Parnell at:
5417 County Road 65 (also known as Elizabethville Road or Osaca Road).
From 401, exit 461 Toronto/ Welcome, turn left on Toronto Road North to County Road #2 (Dale Road), travel west on County Road #2 about 7 km to County Road 65 (also known as Elizabethville Road/Osaca Road). Turn right, north, and go about 5 km to #5417, on the east side of the road.
*Washroom Available

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