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Susan McDonald

Posted in Pottery


Susan’s artistic background influences her fusion of three-dimensional form with techniques that reflect her fascination with surface, form and space creating bold, functional art for everyday use.

Artist Statement

I came to my work in clay through meditation, and my original inspiration was the form as ‘container’. Like the question of origin (as in which was first, the chicken or the egg), creation of form leads to questions of use.

I have continued to be inspired by the unique properties of the clay form itself – its ability to be shaped to my whims, to be cloaked in colors vibrant or muted, to be turned to stone or blended to porcelain, to be changed from an impermanent glob of clay platelets into one of the most permanent forms ever created by human hand. It is truly amazing still.

When I add to this inspiration my love of wild abstraction in color, or conversely my penchant for simple unadorned forms, a unique blend of form and function is realized.

All of my work is ‘one of a kind’ in its true sense. There is no production in my pottery – even though at times I can be very productive. Each piece shows where I am in my process of discovery and I continue to look forward to where the clay will lead me next…

Contact Information

Practically Potty Studio


Showing at Anja Hertle Studio:

10821 Cty. Rd. 2 in Grafton, west of Cty. Rd. 23/Lyle St. Watch for the driveway entrance on the south side just west of the Post Office.
Wheelchair Accessible

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