September 7 and 8, 2024 - 10 AM to 5 PM

Artists on last year’s tour

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Betsy Miller

I have been involved in creating acrylic paintings for the past 12 years in my home studio and have developed my techniques which continue to evolve in the abstract expressionism style.

Brenda Sullivan

Brenda is known for her whimsical yet functional lines of Newfoundland charm, dragons and frogs ceramics. Nature provides limitless inspiration for her sculptural work. “Elements of water” is her newest quest.

By Carmel Bouzanne

Charles Funnell

Charles’s award winning creations in Sterling Silver often reflect his love of flowing undulating forms. He innovates, explores themes and concepts through the development of work in series.

You May Kiss the Bride by Chris Montgomery

Chris Montgomery

A professional Stained Glass Artist for the past 47 years and jewellery designer for the past 22 years, as ‘The Glasshopper Studio’, in Port Hope, Ontario. Specializing primarily in commissions, custom work and restorations.

Christine Benson

Christine is a graduate of OCAD and is the co-owner of Journey Through the Arts, a multi-faceted art school. Christine carves detailed nature inspired linocuts and prints them on delicate Japanese paper, wood and fabric which allows her to challenge the traditional boundaries of relief printmaking in a fresh and exciting way.

Denice Bustraen

Until recently, Denice was a long-time resident of remote Moosonee, Ontario. In 2020 Denice sold her business and moved to Rice lake, where she has embraced her lifelong love of art and artistic expression through acrylic on canvas.

By Carmel Bouzanne

Gillian Smith-Clark

Each image I create is a visual poem, the translation of a moment. Realism that evokes emotion and skirts the edges of abstraction is what I strive for in my work.

By Carmel Bouzanne

Heather Cooper

My paintings should make the viewer think and wonder, opening the door to interpretation – slightly realistic but also surreal and symbolic, an imaginary mystery that begs a question.

By Carmel Bouzanne

Heather Stubbs

Beauty uplifts us and reminds us to be our best self. I’m constantly exploring ways to express my highest understanding of physical and spiritual beauty in paint, using styles ranging from abstract to realism.

By Carmel Bouzanne

Ixchel Suarez

Ixchel Suarez is a textile and fibre artist for over 40 years. Her practice explores materials in reference to the concept of TIME, particularly in Tapestry. Her integration of Abstract Expressionism with Tapestry has been Internationally recognized.

By Carmel Bouzanne

Jackie Fenton

Jackie creates original paintings on wood and also does pet portraits. She also has hand painted items and hand crafted bird houses.

Painting by Jane Robertson

Jane Robertson

I barely remember a time that my eyes didn’t follow the ragged edge of a old pine against the sky, a reflection in a puddle or an early morning mist rising from a lake. Over the years, I’ve turned my hand to a number of other subjects, but it’s the landscape that is a constant source of visual interest.

Kathryn McHolm

Kathryn lives her art – it’s reflected in her garden, use off textiles and fibres. Watercolours, drawings and upcycling of assorted textiles, predominate in her studio. The ambience of her “space” lends itself to creating – her watercolours show the influence of gardens in general and her garden in particular.

Keith Cornell

Old Man Who Likes to Draw and Paint.

Ken Solilo

Ken grew up in Regina. Graduating from Ryerson majoring in Cinematography, he worked at CFTO for 4 years as a film editor/cameraman. He continued at the CBC for 35 years, transitioning from Cinematographer to Videographer as technology changed.

Louise Boily

Three years in the making, I am still very much a new artist finding her way using this wonderful medium. My wood pieces whisper their tales to me and I try to carve their best features. Some want to be sculptures, others a table, bench, or whatever your imagination can muster.

Lynda Johnston

You might be surprised to learn that in Canada, traditional rug hooking is designated as a fine art. When my piece, “Temptation”, was accepted into the Art Gallery of Northumberland’s 44th Annual Juried Show, 2023, I was, of course, very pleased but not just because it was an acknowledgement of my work, but because it affirmed and recognised rug hooking as an art form.

Margaret MacGillivray

I paint acrylic and mixed media abstract and representational art. Living on the south shore of Rice Lake I find inspiration in nature and my travels. Art is a journey of many possibilities.

Martina Munroe

Working with fibre in all its forms is very meditative. Stitch upon stitch, loop after loop. I create using yarn, fabric, thread and occasionally paint. I am inspired by the duality of nature, mythology and the interconnectivity of all life. Currently the forest is my muse.

Melanie Day

Melanie day has been painting for 30 years, and six years ago moved to Port Hope from Toronto. She opened up a gallery/studio space, where she proceeds to work on her art practice full time.

Meredith Ender

Figure paintings have always been my passion whether viewing them or creating them. During the spring of 2021 I devoted much of my time to a series of paintings involving elegant ladies. I have since created more than 60 of them.

Nigel Dickson

Every year I work on a different theme with photography being the medium. This year’s efforts are based on the influence of Impressionist artists (Monet, Renoir, etc.) but with a twist.

Pamela Tate

If you want to see a variety of art in a warm and welcoming setting, come on over to The Tate Gallery. Art of different sizes and subjects ensures that you will enjoy your visit.

Patricia Papp

Painting through the act of improvisation, Pat explores various techniques linked to organic forms, symbolism and conceptual expressions.

Rosemary Hill

Bling be my thing! Don’t be afraid to adorn yourself with something shiny and bright. Coco Chanel was wrong!

Shelagh J Stewart

Former professor of art and fashion, Shelagh Stewart can be found full-time in her Cobourg studio. She creates works on paper and canvas, using oil paint, ink and mixed media collage.

Steve Levinson

Steve Levinson’s images have been shown at the Art Gallery of Ontario, First Canadian Place, the ARTA Gallery, Painted City, Roche Bobois, etc. His work is represented in over 300 collections.

Susan Scherbak

My longtime love of Mother Nature has always intrigued and inspired me to look deeper into her beauty through photography and creating unique one of a kind mixed media pieces.

Terrie MacDonald

A graduate of Nova Scotia college of Art and Design I have been working in clay since 1997. I concentrate on creating decorated earthenware for everyday and special occasion use. The intimate relationship pottery creates between object and user is what keeps me committed to my craft.

Thais Donald

I learned to weave on a floor loom but became bored with cloth and turned to tapestry, progressing form simple frames to advanced haute-lisse looms. While travelling I take many photos and make sketches for compositions.