September 10 & 11, 2022 - 10 AM to 5 PM

Artists on last year’s tour

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Brenda Sullivan

Brenda, a well-seasoned potter, bases her funktional pottery on images from Newfoundland, frogs and dragons. Her sculptures magnify some of Nature’s smallest treasures.
By Carmel Bouzanne

Carmel Bouzanne

Her paintings are a journey through the energy of colour both in her abstracts and in the brilliance of Newfoundland skies.
You May Kiss the Bride by Chris Montgomery

Chris Montgomery

Innovative design incorporating “found objects” and whimsical accents in both her jewellery and glasswork, keeps Chris’s work fresh, exciting and interpretive of classical design! Now added are her fur creations.

Denice Bustraen

Denice is a recent transplant from remote Moosonee. Living at the edge of the artic has inspired her vivid, dramatic colours in both her landscape paintings and watercolour birds.
Painting by Jane Robertson

Jane Robertson

Jane trained as a graphic artist before working as an illustrator for several years. Now exploring painting for herself, the subject is usually that which has the most meaning for her – the landscape.

Jennifer Anne Burke

Jennifer uses bold colours and lines to create sweeping landscapes of this vast Canadian country. She hopes her art uplifts others and inspires them to appreciate the beauty surrounding us, in every season.

Kathryn McHolm

Kathryn lives her art – it’s reflected in her garden and use of textiles and fibres. Her watercolours and drawings express themes within the garden and local landscapes.

Ken Solilo

Photography is my form of expression and allows me to share with others the light and shadows that create the beautiful images that surround us.

Laurie Goldiuk

Laurie has been a fibre artist for 20 years as a dyer, spinner, weaver and felter. Whether it is in clothing, home décor or wool painted art, the passion to create with wool has always been an inspiration.

Loretta Kaltenhauser

As a self taught, contemporary, award winning artist, Loretta expresses her visions in a spontaneous and direct fashion.

Martina Munroe

Martina is a life long multi media fibre artist who explores nature and mythology using techniques of rug hooking, knitting and stitching.

Pamela Tate

Pamela is a fine artist well know for the variety of subject matter, size and media she uses. Everything inspires her! Realistic and abstract paintings, block prints and drawing can all be found in her gallery.

Paul Bailey

Paul is an expressionist painter of mostly Port Hope subject matter. Infused with bright colours and energy, the viewer completes the magic of the painting in their own minds.
Wine Country by Stanley Feldman

Robyn K Town

Robyn’s paintings are inspired by nature, travel and history. Her recent work includes a Denmark Series, Abstracts and Tiny Houses.
Wine Country by Stanley Feldman

Stanley Feldman

His signature ‘Cityscape’ series brings a cutting-edge creativity and sculptural quality to 2-dimensional work.

Stephen Gillberry

Known for his colours and textures, Stephen paints both abstract and impressionistic styles. He works in a variety of sizes ranging from large canvases to small works on paper.

Steve Levinson

Steve focuses on achieving painting-like beauty, and his images are abstract, atmospheric and completely candid. His work is represented in over 250 collections.

Vera Litynsky

Vera is a contemporary mixed media artist who uses thick paint, texture and storytelling to create her pieces. Her media works include painting, shadow boxes, and vintage candles.