Artists on last year’s tour

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Anja Hertle

Repurposing at its best. Check out all the creative elements in each intricate mosaic creation.

Banri Nakamura

Nature presents endless possibilities for creative exploration. It reflects on my design of handcrafted furniture.

Betsy Miller

I apply vibrant contrasting colour, tones and tints, scraping with a palette knife, until I see something meaningful created with texture, colour, and form.

Brenda Sullivan

Art Deco tea pots, dragon mugs and every day items are presented in a funk-tional way to lighten your day; sculptures to inspire.

Carole & John Bandurchin

Carole and John produce pieces to be used around the house, placing a premium on good design and craftsmanship.

Charles Funnell

Charles’ work often reflects movement through the use of undulating lines and flowing forms.

Chris Montgomery

My goal is to continually challenge my design, technical and artistic ability by stretching the boundaries of my medium and thereby simply to bring beauty into your life.

Evelyn Haskell

Unique handcrafts made from vintage fabrics: upcycled hats, bags and stuffed animals; knitted and felted mittens; knitted necklaces; and other woolly treats.

Frances Clancy

The challenge of bringing an image in my mind to life on the canvas or paper is most enjoyable.

Heather Cooper

A fine and celebrated artist whose work spans 40+ years. Her oil paintings are lush, detailed and inspired by myth and nature.

Heike Braun

Heike makes ceramic vessels that are decorative, functional and colourful.

Heike Kwok

Beautifully handcrafted bracelets and necklaces that incorporate semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and unique beads from around the world.

Kate Morris

I start each painting with a series of rectangles or squares, reminiscent of quilt blocks.

Kathryn McHolm

Kathryn lives her art – it’s reflected in her garden, use of textiles and fibres.

Ken Solilo

I first started to learn about photography from my Dad when I was about 8.

Loretta Kaltenhauser

As a self taught, contemporary, award winning artist, Loretta expresses her visions in a spontaneous and direct fashion.

Luke Despatie

Luke’s expressive brushwork captures the fleeting light and movement of everyday scenes we might otherwise take for granted.

Lyn Smith

Striving for a balance between happy occurrence and imposed order Rhythm & Hues resonate with excitement, balance and whimsy.

Marie Melnick

My paintings are not born of direct visual experiences. They are synthesis of emotions drawn from them, at times arrangement of shapes and rhythms.

Mary-Kate Pearce

Mary-Kate is awed by the beauty in nature and seeks to portray its splendour through her vivid use of colour.

Melanie Horner

Melanie specializes in creating one of a kind ceramic pieces and delights in commissioned pieces, particularly personalized clocks and baby plates.

Mike Smith

My work consists of contemporary abstracted and stylized landscapes in oil on canvas.

Nigel Dickson

A collection of about 20 photographs whereupon each image contains a checkered object. This series started about 20 years ago and is still slowly growing.

Petra Dettmann

Natural aspects like wood and stone used for bases and frames can often be seen throughout my collection.

Petra Lepage

Petra uses a combination of subtle aromatherapy, meditation and Reiki to infuse the workspace and materials with positive energy.

Phill & Sandra Boyko

Whether bowls, platters, and other woodturned items, they create products which are finely finished and would add considerable beauty to any room.

Rebecca Last

The view from Rebecca Last’s Northumberland studio acts as her constantly shifting and evocative model – the oncoming and erratic climatic conditions notable on Rice Lake.

Ted Amsden

Exploring what others ignore, he captures objects and spaces at the intersection of memory and dissolution.

Terrie MacDonald

Using earthenware clay, vessels are hand built using molds and templates I have created.