September 9 & 10, 2023 - 10 AM to 5 PM

Artists on last year’s tour

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Barbara Buntin

Barbara’s paper collage pieces are made using her own handprinted monotype papers, creating abstracted landscapes that echo memory and reverence for the natural world.

Brenda Sullivan

With over 50 years experience in ceramics, Brenda bases her “funktional” work on Newfoundland icons, and creatures from frogs to dragons. Nature’s treasures, from miniature driftwood to panoramic vistas inspire her sculptures.

By Carmel Bouzanne

Carmel Bouzanne

Carmel’s abstract paintings are a journey into the joy of colour and space expansion and the play of light. The Newfoundland Paintings, As the Newfoundland ads say, you’ll just have to come and see.

By Carmel Bouzanne

Carrie Freake

Come take a breath of fresh air. Feel the breeze in your hair. Have a moment with yourself. Feel moody and sexy. Curious? Come feel that too!

By Carmel Bouzanne

Charles Funnell

An award winning artist working in sterling silver and other metals along with natural crystals and gems. Exploration, experimentation and moments of discovery inspire me to dive in and create!

You May Kiss the Bride by Chris Montgomery

Chris Montgomery

Chris creates individual and original travel – inspired jewellery pieces, the result of worldwide trips collecting ethnic beads, “found objects” and rare gems. Also, she specializes in custom work and restoration in stained glass.

Christine Benson

Christine Benson is a relief printmaker, Ontario College of Art and Design graduate and owner of Journey Through the Arts- a multi-faceted arts organization and teaching facility. Her detailed linocuts are inspired by the beauty found in nature.

Denice Bustraen

Ontario landscapes interpreted through bold acrylic that will brighten up any space. As well as water colour birds and wildlife that transform into little pieces of happiness.

Painting by Jane Robertson

Jane Robertson

Jane is a studio and plein air oil painter creating luminous landscapes inspired by the beauty of the Canadian landscape and trips abroad. This year, she will be debuting some of her new abstract work.

Jenny Munro

In my painting I keep my focus on drawing, whatever the materials or subject matter. Drawing is the foundation. The word “draw” means “pull” or “drag” something, hence drawing from life. An effort, but sometimes magic can occur.

Kathryn McHolm

Kathryn lives her art – it’s reflected in her garden and use of textiles and fibres. Her watercolours and drawings express themes within the garden and local landscapes.

Ken Solilo

Photography is my form of expression and allows me to share with others the light and shadows that create the beautiful images that surround us.

Les Robling

Les Robling is a local artist specializing in landscape scenes from the local district. His work is generally realistic with some imaginative effects.

Loretta Kaltenhauser

My goal is not to document subjects or to make statements, but to make an emotional connection with the viewer allowing them to explore their own spirit and to inspire them as well.

Louise Boily

What particularly draws me to wood is its elemental beauty which gives voice to stories embedded in the grain, nature’s unparalleled delicate design which can be enjoyed as a piece of art or adapted for use in everyday life!

Lynda Johnston

On the tour I will be offering one-of-a-kind pillows, framed pieces and other unique items that will illustrate to newcomers to the fine art of art rug hooking, just how varied it can be.

Martina Munroe

Martina Munroe is Multi Media Fibre Artist who explores the natural world and it’s mythology through rug hooking, knitting and stitching.

Melanie Browne

Painting the landscape seems to heighten the senses and enrich the visible world. There is so much interest and subtlety, as well as mood, light and atmosphere to be discovered in even the most ordinary subjects in nature.

Meredith Ender

My Lady Series began in Spring of 2021 with a desire to paint what is most enjoyable to me – portraits of ladies faces that exude not just a pleasant smile but sometimes annoyance, sadness, attitude and anger.

Pamela Tate

Pamela is a fine artist well known for the variety of subject matter, size and media she uses. Everything inspires her! Realistic and abstract paintings, block prints, mixed media and drawing can all be found in her relaxed and welcoming gallery.

Paul Bailey

I’m an expressionist painter. My subjects are anything that interests me. I paint primarily in Northumberland County and Port Hope.

Rosemary Hill

Everybody can use a little shine and sparkle in their lives!

Shelagh J Stewart

Painting, collage and illustration.

Steve Levinson

Steve’s large-scale photographs have been described as “masterpieces”. Steve himself has been described as “bald”. Steve’s work is represented in over 300 individual and corporate collections.

Terrie MacDonald

Using earthenware clay allows for endless possibilities of layering slip, drawing, and colourful food safe glazes. Inspired by textiles and my love of gardening, my pottery is meant for everyday pleasure and special occasions.

Thais Donald

Weaving allows me to connect to a very ancient art form that requires an intensely contemplative form of creativity.

Valerie Foster

I have been a fibre artist for over 40 years as a dressmaker and quilt maker. I love to work in 100% cottons exclusively for their colour, dynamic prints and durability in use. Quilts can last a lifetime.