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Gillian Smith-Clark

Posted in Photography


“In the art of photography, light and shadow work together to define the subject. As an artist, whether I’m creating a portrait or photographing something in nature, I look for the sweet spot that exists somewhere in the between the subject, the light, the colours, the shapes and textures of the environment – and I use those elements to produce a compelling image.”

Gillian Smith-Clark is a photographic artist who specializes in documenting the human experience and capturing the “magic” of reality. Her portraits combine a unique blend of imagination, freshness and warmth, combined with a freedom of pose that embodies the natural surroundings of her subjects. Nature and wildlife are common subjects throughout her work and the influence of the natural world is clearly evident in both her portraits and her other compositions. 

Gillian’s current project is a book of environmental portraits of Northumberland area women and girls, titled Beautiful. The project explores the nature of female beauty in a series of photographic portraits: Beautiful challenges the viewer to look beyond and beneath conventional ideals, cultural trends and celebrity culture to reveal a cross-section of extraordinary females, from zero to one hundred and four years of age.


Phone: 905.375.6441


Molson’s Mill is located at the NW corner of Molson St. and Hope St. N in Port Hope. Look for the gravel drive at the end of Hope St. N. (E end of Molson St. bridge.)

Also showing at this location: Christine Benson, Patricia Schevers Papp and Les Robling.

* Washroom Available

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