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Christine Benson

Posted in Print Making


Stretching the boundaries of relief printmaking, my linocuts are inspired by nature and combine Japanese papers, hand-stitching, collage and paint which allows me to experiment with colour and pattern in a playful way.

Christine is continually inspired by the distinct colours, textures and patterns found in nature. She uses the process of relief printmaking as a graphic starting point for explorations involving Japanese and Thai papers, collage and delicate stitching. Christine is the co- founder of Journey Through the Arts, a multifaceted arts facility. She is showing at her summer studio at the Old Mill in Port Hope (formerly the Ontario College of Art Summer School in the 1920s and 30s).


(905) 885-0908


Molson’s Mill is located at the NW corner of Molson St. and Hope St. N in Port Hope. Look for the gravel drive at the end of Hope St. N. (E end of Molson St. bridge.)

Also showing at this location: Les Robling, Patricia Schevers Papp and Gillian Smith Clark.

*Washroom Available