September 11 & 12, 2021 - 10 AM to 5 PM

Christine Benson

relief print making

It is easy to get lost in the printmaking process and to meander endlessly in the curves, twists and turns of each block and to pause to investigate the hidden crevices found in the negative space. It is a gloriously solitary experience that I can escape and vanish in. I feel very comfortable encoding my thoughts in carefully carved lines and layers of ink. The act of carving is a soothing and reflective time where for a short while I am transformed into a sculptor as I cut away the block and wait with anticipation as the first print is pulled. What remains are subtle lines and the feeling of movement created by both the delicate manipulation of the tools and an element of surprise.

Each part of the printmaking process is an important step in realizing the final image. Behind each of my prints there has been an exciting transformation from rough sketch to carved image to final print. Each of my linocuts are hand-printed on a variety of Japanese papers and fabric surfaces that are carefully chosen to compliment the image. The paper and fabric often play an important role in the finished piece.

My recent body of work is inspired by nature and my young daughter. I am currently in the process of writing and illustrating a children’s book that I hope will inspire young children to use their imaginations and discover the magic that can be found in nature.




Molson Mill – Hope Street North and Molson Street, Port Hope

Directions: The Old Art School (Molson’s Mill) in Port Hope. Exit #464 from Hwy 401. From the first stoplights south of Hwy 401, go west on Molson/ Jocelyn St 1/2 km and turn north on the short gravel road to the Mill. Nearest GPS Address: 285 Hope St. N.

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