Ken Solilo – Photography

I first started to learn about photography from my Dad when I was about 8. The hobby got serious and I decided to go to Ryerson University to take the Photo Arts course. While I was taking the course I became interested in motion pictures and turned that interest into a career spanning 40 years. For the last 35 years I worked as a cinematographer with the CBC. Over time film gave way to newer technologies and digital took over. Now I was known as a videographer. Even though the body of the camera has changed there are still lenses to use and a viewfinder to look through to compose the shot. Retiring from the CBC at the end of 2011 and still with a keen interest in the art of Photography I started my own business. For a sample of my work visit


81 3⁄4 Pine St. S. in Port Hope

Also showing at this location are Brenda Sullivan and Heike Braun

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