September 9 & 10, 2023 - 10 AM to 5 PM

Martina Munroe

mixed media fibre

Working with fibre in all its forms is very meditative. Stitch upon stitch, loop after loop, piece followed by piece. I become one with creation. The tools I use are honed for the work and I am a vessel for creativity.
I create using yarn, fabric, thread and occasionally paint. I use what speaks to me for the piece I am making.

I am inspired by nature and mythology. I am intrigued by how the world works (or doesn’t work) as a whole. The mysterious Interconnectivity of living entities spurs my creativity.

I usually start with an idea for a Rug Hooked piece. I design largely in my head with a few quick initial marks on paper and cloth. I rarely do samples or experiment with techniques but launch right into a piece. You could say each piece is its own experiment. As a piece evolves I add other media as I feel it speak to me.
Pieces evolve and alter as I work. I allow the pieces to become what they want to be.



  • By Martina Munroe


42 Lavinia St., Port Hope
East off of Toronto road 4th house on the North side.

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