September 9 & 10, 2023 - 10 AM to 5 PM

Jane Robertson

oil painting

Jane first trained as a graphic artist and illustrator before turning her hand to the fine art of oil painting. Today she is an award winning and international artist with collectors in the US, Ireland and Norway. She aims to convey the beauty she finds, often in ordinary every day scenes, and elevate them to something extraordinary.

As she notes: “Nature doesn’t need much help – nudge up the intensity of colour here, deepen a shade there and suddenly late afternoon shadows sweeping across a cornfield become something magical.”

  • Painting by Jane Robertson


5206 Sully Rd., Gores Landing K0K 2E0

From Cobourg, exit the 401 at CR18, north to the flashing red at CR9, turn right, then left on Sully Rd to 5206. Enter the studio from the back deck. Call from the drive if you have mobility issues – only 1 step up/down.

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