Lyn Smith

Born in South Africa, I grew up in Zimbabwe and Canada is now my home. Although I started on a drawing board in Africa, computers expanded my horizons enabling me to explore more artistic avenues. This led to a fascination with graphics and design which I pursued in Toronto.

Motivated by joyful movement, compelling rhythms and excitement that colour establishes, I combine pouring methods (using 3D acrylics) with regular (less 3D acrylic paints) on canvas or wood panels, striving for a balance between happy occurrence and imposed order.

Poured paint is mobile. As it expands and rests it is self-possessed. Grid lines are more disciplined, establishing co-ordinates and asserting their dominance. Exciting nuances co-exist within these two disparate approaches which, when colour comes into play, produce pieces that are unique.

Today, I focus on painting and feel that growing up close to nature in Africa still influences my current work. I am drawn to organic shapes, but disciplined grids with augmented colour make my “Rhythm & Hues” body of work dance excitement, balance and whimsy.


208 Albert Street, Cobourg. NW corner of Albert & Bagot Streets, studio entrance on Bagot.

Also showing at this location is Mike Smith.

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