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Patricia Papp

Posted in Paintings


Bachelor of Fine Arts, York University.
Bachelor of Education, University of Toronto.

Painting allows me to explore the creative process through the spontaneous unfolding of gestural brush strokes, layering of colour, in a field of spacial relationships.

Playing with the visceral brush strokes, I work to capture the sense of immediacy through the ambiguity of space. Lines, shapes and forms inspired by nature create a sense of energy and rhythm that moves beyond the picture plane. Signs and symbols have been a continual subject of interest instilling the structural premise.


Molson’s Mill is located at the NW corner of Molson St. and Hope St. N in Port Hope. Look for the gravel drive at the end of Hope St. N. (E end of Molson St. bridge.)

Also showing at this location: Christine Benson, Les Robling and Gillian Smith Clark.

*Washroom Available


Showing with Christine Benson.
(905) 885-9275