September 11 & 12, 2021 - 10 AM to 5 PM

Shannon Wood


Canadian Painter Shannon Wood’s artistic view of the world emerges spontaneously and candidly from a fusion of her colourful imagination and her emotive experiences. Her vivid art serves as visual poetry, at one moment incorporating literal elements and at the next abstract qualities. Shannon uses acrylics, heavy gels and textural media to create visual moments incorporating both natural phenomena and figurative interpretations. Shannon resides in Port Hope and has primarily exhibited her work at local galleries. She also sells her art privately to interested art lovers and corporate clients. Shannon has been described as having a “mastery of colour and texture” and “great interpretive and decorative appeal.”

Shannon loves painting and is an avid horseback rider. She soon hopes to combine her two passions by learning to paint on horseback!


Facebook: Shannon Wood Art


Located at 5885 7th Line, Campbellcroft

Also showing at this location is Steve Levinson

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