September 11 & 12, 2021 - 10 AM to 5 PM

Steve Levinson

pigment prints and dibond/plexiglass

In creating the work for this debut exhibition, Levinson has used his camera as cameras often want to be used: as creators of dreamscapes, as traps for fugitive weathers and atmospheres we can hardly see, but only sense.

………..John Bentley Mays, National Post

Steve Levinson does not apologize for seeing the world romantically, and for trying to convey beauty in his images. He aims for a “painterly” quality.

His images are spontaneous and candid, taken just as you see them. There are almost no digital alterations other than adjustments of colour saturation or contrast.

His photographs are represented in over 250 collections and have been personally selected by prominent designers such as Brian Gluckstein and Greta Valen.

To Steve, photography is like a relationship…sometimes it is easy and natural, while at other times one has to work very hard. He describes his Photography as a process where Nature does most of the work and he just tries to snap the shutter at the right time.

Steve hopes that his images will provide you with a feeling of interest, curiosity, and wonder.


Located at 5885 7th Line Campbellcroft

Also showing at this location is Shannon Wood

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