September 7 and 8, 2024 - 10 AM to 5 PM

Meredith Ender

oil on canvas

Figure paintings have always been my passion whether viewing them or creating them. During the spring of 2021 I devoted much of my time to a series of paintings involving elegant ladies. I have since created more than 60 of them. It’s been my great pleasure to share my paintings with others through opportunities provided by Spirit of the Hills, showing my work indefinitely at Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts, as well as Studio 100 and Queenies this past year. I am really looking forward to showing my work, once again, at the Northumberland Hills Studio Tour.

I sometimes take pictures of my paintings as the process is taking place from one stage to the next. I will provide visitors those photographs so that they may see what my paintings looked like throughout their different stages. I will also probably be painting while waiting for visitors to arrive.

  • By Meredith Ender


I am located in Cobourg at 210 Bagot Street just south of King Street and north of Albert Street. When heading south from King my house is almost immediately located on the left. It is a white house with dark green shutters.

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